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Absolute perfect for Tutorials and more!

Nice App with a real support! Does what it says. Dont worry if you can’t record your computer sound: just hit the question mark in the Audio source window and load the file. All works! Great App.

I cannot record system sound

I cannot record system sound.

Nice App for the price

Nice App! Fairly easyto use. I don’t thing it needs a boat load of features as that would most lkely raise the price. So far there are three things that would be most useful: Two are usability enhancements: 1) Remember the custom saved path for storing recordings. When in a hurry to record something and having to select the path is a pain as well as a delay. This is crucial for me as I boot off a fast, but small disk and want tor save large long recordings to a very large disk. It is easier to select the default path, then browse to another location. Is there a way to change the dfault path in a config file? 2) Ability to pause recording and restart. The third is feaure enhancement that I could live without: 3) Add the ability to select a window to record. A bonus would stick to recording the selected window only and not any other window or part of a window that overlays the window being recorded. I can think of many other things, but keeping it to a short list of what I think would be most useful.

No audio recording from video source!! :(

This app does not allow a person to record the internal source sound from a video file. I could only get the built-in microphones to pick up audio, and it was terrible!


I like it a lot. It’s Perfect to record a lecture.

I cant record audio

I cant record when I check the record several devices

I cannot record system sound

I cannot record system sound.

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